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Project researchers

The goal of the CLIMB project, in collaboration with the Municipality of Trento, is to make the children independent mobility safe, social and fun, taking advantage of the social network (family, volunteers, school, etc.) and the computer science as a "technology that makes life easier." A first experimentation is currently underway at the school of Meano with a specific focus on the management of the walking bus.

To the project, coordinated by HII Smart Community, participate various FBK research units: the DAS unit participates by providing advanced solutions for the gamification of distributed systems, making it possible to build collaborative games to promote virtuous behavior of children and volunteers (eg , sustainable mobility of children and participation in events organized by the Municipality in this regard); the E3DA and ES units provide expertise and technologies aimed at the production of wearable devices for the automatic recognition of children (eg, arrival at the stop of the walking bus, behavior analysis on the way) and sensor networks for effective communication and energy consumption between devices and other smart objects (eg. smartphone, smart boards, cameras); and the TEV unit providing vision solutions for monitoring dangerous points on the route (e.g., cameras in critical crossings for monitoring the behaviour of walking  bus  and vehicles).

Friday, 1 January, 2016