SmAll - Mobility as a service for all


12 Months (01.01.2016 - 31.12.2016)


EIT Digital



Set up the framework to steer the Europe-wide mobility ecosystem towards the “mobility as a service” model: open up more opportunities to mobility operators to offer new services, and provide citizens more flexible and personalized mobility solutions. Develop market studies and commercialisation strategies based on a dialogue with clients and business partners. Reinforce the ecosystem for creating start-ups developing and commercialising these services. In spite of the investments in infomobility and Intelligent Transportation Systems of the last decade, the outcome for the business ecosystem and for the final users is limited to date. The open data approach was not as fruitful as expected, and anyhow it does not cover important aspects such as trip planning and ticketing. Mobility-as-a-service has the ambition to create a new mobility business ecosystem and better services for end-users, by converging and integrating mobility services. In this context, business, policy and regulation aspects are more challenging than technical ones; is clearly of paramount importance that the stakeholders cooperate in the transformation. A very strong element of SmAll is the explicit commitment of local mobility management authorities of 3 European regions: this ideal situation will be exploited to pilot the SmAll solutions, validate the model, develop a sound business model and prepare to transfer the solution to the European and world level.


FBK was project coordinator. Furthermore, FBK provided AI technologies for the MaaS system and also acted as coordinator of the pilot experiments in Emilia Romagna region (IT), city of Trento (IT) and city of Helsinki (FI).


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